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Summer Hair We Really Do Care

Did you know that your hair in the summer is at just as much risk of being damaged as it is if you were to hit the salon for a colour or lightning session?  Fried hair isn't just a figure of speech. The ultraviolet rays of the sun actually "cook the hair shaft." The damage is most obvious when you see colour-treated hair becoming faded, bleached, and brassy.  So it’s important to look after your hair to help prevent any breakage. This will happen if it is left un-treated leaving it un-repariable. 

Even hair that isn't coloured will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry....Read more

Your Making Salon Waste History!

It may seem that no harm can come from putting your feet up and enjoying a leisurely wash, cut and blow-dry.  Who doesn’t love that?

But it turns out that this simple pleasure can actually harm the planet.

In Australiasia alone the hairdressing industry sends more than two million kilos of waste to dump each year.

This waste is seeping into our waterways and natural habitats, causing damage beyond what we can imagine or more