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Summer Hair We Really Do Care

Did you know that your hair in the summer is at just as much risk of being damaged as it is if you were to hit the salon for a lightning session?

Fried hair isn't just a figure of speech. The ultraviolet rays of the sun actually "cook the hair shaft." The damage is most obvious when you see colour-treated hair becoming faded, bleached, and brassy.  So it’s important to look after your hair to help prevent any breakage. This will happen if it is left un-treated leaving it un-repariable. 

Even hair that isn't coloured will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry out hair and rough up the normally smooth cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft.

The dryer your hair is the more likely it is that it will frizz.  Dry means the cuticle is thirsty for moisture.   So it will soak up any humidity it can, causing your hair to puff up and do all of the opposite of being smooth and silky.

Swimming too will also cause damage to your hair.  Whether it’s a quick dip in a chlorinated pool or a lengthy swim in salt water.  Chlorine will literally strip your hair of all of its natural protective oils or turn green from the copper and other molecules that latch on to the protein in your hair shaft. 

Then there is salt water.  The heavy content of salt in the sea draws water out of your hair, just like the skin and we end up with more very very thirsty hair. 

So here are a few tips for you to prepare your hair for the summer and to continue to nourish it throughout.

~Have a trim

Start the summer with a trim and get rid of those split ends.  Make the most of it and try a new trending style.  (See our trending hair styles of spring summer 2017 blog).  You may want another cut midway through summer too because hair really does grow faster in the summer.  There are more hairs in the growing stage in the spring summer compared to the middle of winter.

~Use Olaplex regularly.

Olaplex is a hair re-bonding service that literally re-bonds the hair back together. If you do this regularly you are guaranteed healthy shiny hair with long lasting colours.  Book in for a standalone treatment at least once a month and continue the treatment at home with No.3 Take home at least once a week.  This service is like going to the gym.  You have to keep it up to see results but believe us when we say it really works! 

~Shield your hair

Wear a hat or scarves where possible or apply a hair product that blocks UV filters.  These products help keep coloured hair from fading and help protect from sun damage.  Try our Sebastian dark oil or Potion 9.

~Saturate your hair before taking a dip

Always keep a bottle of Wella Elements paraben and sulphate free leave in conditioner in that beach bag and Plaster it on before a swim or simply dampen down with clean water.  This will help reduce salt water or pool chemicals being absorbed into the cuticle.  Rinse your hair immediately after with fresh water or keep a fresh clean water spray bottle with you. 

~change to a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner

You will more than likely wash your hair more regularly in the summer because of sweat and grime so replenishing it with a moisturizing regime is key.  Also advisable is to do a deep cleanse once a week using a anti clarifying or anti residue shampoo.  You must though condition with a high moisture mask. 

Try Sebastian Hydrate shampoo and conditioner or treatment mask.  And System Professional deep cleaner shampoo. You can also book into the salon for a deep cleanse and Olaplex.

~Skip the hot tools

Try to alternate your days on your GHDs or blow dryer.  Why not wash your hair in the evening and tie up into a bun while it’s wet?  Sleep in it and then you have nice beachy wavy hair in the morning!

~Outwit the frizz

Healthy hair will help with this so it’s important to look after it with all of the steps above but you can also use a nice oil to help smooth the nitty gritty.  Just be careful not to use to much as you can end up weighing your hair down.

Try Sebastian Dark oil or System professional Keratin Luxe oil.

Summer Hair care